October 3, 2018

Fall Essentials Under $100

Fall is officially in the air and I could not be more excited! I love dressing for the cooler weather that Fall brings us. I picked some fall essentials that I think are perfect for transitioning your wardrobe to be fall ready and that also don't break the bank. 
I'm loving hoodies and pullovers, in Texas the weather takes it's time getting cooler, we will typically have cooler morning's, but by the time its the afternoon its of hot outside. I think hoodies and pullovers are great transitional pieces because they allow you to layer with out have to commit to wearing a thick bulky sweater all day. I like the idea of rocking a hoodie or pullover over a blouse or nice tee-shirt, then when its starts getting warmer during the day all you have to do is simply take the hoodie or pullover off but your still stylish underneath.

Fall and Winter are the best times to rock black or dark wash denim. I like pairing a great pair of dark wash jeans with a cozy sweater and a pair of booties, its the unofficial uniform for fall. 

Cardigan's are basics that I have in my wardrobe all year long. I work in a office that is always cold so having some soft of cardigan to keep me warm is a must. I'm loving long cardigans for fall, they are great ways to keep warm but are also super on trend for the season. I like that a long cardigan can double almost like a light weight coat, especially if you live in a climate were it doesn't get as cold. 

Sweater dresses are my favorite clothing item for Fall. I'm always seeking new ways to make getting dressed in the morning be as easy as possible. Sweater dresses take all the stress out of getting dressed, if its extra cold out side I'll pop on a pair of tights or leggings and some boots and I'm all set for the day. 


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