September 5, 2021

Vans Wishlist


I'm back to blogging! I wanted to start off my first post back with something that I love...Vans! I love the comfort, fit and style of Vans they are my absolute favorite sneaker brand. This wishlist features Vans that I've be lusting after and hope to buy ASAP. My favorite Vans style is definitely the Authentic and the Slip-ons. 

1. Denim Destroyer Authentic - Loving the washed denim look. 

2. Pastel Classic Slip-On Stacked - The stacked look is super cute. 

3. Eco Theory Authentic - I'm always a sucker for pink Vans. 

5. Old Skool V - Loving the velcro details. 

6. Anaheim Factory Authentic 44 DX in Leopard - You can never go wrong with leopard print. 
7. Gum Old Skool - Fell in love with the color and look. 

8. Pride Anaheim Factory Lampkin 86 DX - Rainbows make everything better. 

9. Anaheim Factory Authentic 44 DX - I love pastel colors on any sneaker.

10. Vans Worlds Code Era - The teddy bears are soooo cute!

11. Eco Theory Slip-on SF - Love this take on the checkerboard Vans, plus they are 100% organic cotton. 

12. Cracked Leather Old Skool - Loving the rose gold color. 

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