March 5, 2018

February Favorites

February is one of my favorite months of the year! Here are the things that made the month for me so good.

Movies and Music 
Call My By Your Name Motion Picture Soundtrack
Call Me My Your Name was one of my favorite movies last year. As I watched the movie I couldn't help by remember feeling the same way as Elio did about a crush. The music in the movie only added to my love for it. The original songs by Sufjan Stevens are all so perfect. I've played Visions of Gideon on repeat for weeks now, I also love Mystery of Love (which is nominated for a Oscar!) and Futile Devices.

Kendrick Lamar - Black Panther The Album
When I learned Kendrick Lamar was releasing a Black Panther album it increased my hype for the movie so much more. My favorite songs from the album are All The Stars, Opps, Paramedic!, King's Dead and Pray For Me.

Rhye - Blood
Rhye's second studio album comes after there amazing 2013 debut album, Woman. Rhye makes the ultimate mood music thats so sonically pleasing. I was super exited when their new album dropped, my favorite songs from the album are Waste, Taste, Count To Five, Softy and Phoenix.

The Greatest Showman Motion Picture Soundtrack
I was not the biggest fan of the Greatest Showman as a movie but I did absolutely loved the music!
I like so many others have obsessively listened to the soundtrack of this movie over and over again. The songwriters Pasek and Paul created songs that are so uplifting and catchy. You can't help but smile as you listen to each song . My absolute favorite tracks are A Million Dreams, Never Enough, and From Now On.

The Post
I almost didn't watch the Post, but thank goodness I did! The Post has all the elements we love about Spielberg. The all star cast from both film and television, the amazing directing, and my personal fav the visionary camera work and cinematography made the movie lover in me swoon. Meryl Streep is her usual amazing self she gives a master class on nuanced yet powerful acting. You can never go wrong with Tom Hanks, I like calling Streep, Hanks and Spielberg the "holy trinity", nothing can go wrong when those three are working together. As I watched the movie I could not help but feel how timely this movie is, there are so many parallels to this movie to our current political climate. Hopefully the lessons learned from this era will help us in the present day.

Black Panther
I've been highly anticipating Black Panther since I first saw him in Captain America Civil War. Before that I'll have to admit that I knew nothing about Black Panther. But it's crazy how you never knew you needed something so much until you have it, Black Panther was the superhero that we never knew that we needed. I loved every aspect of the movie but I really loved all the different relationships. I really liked the relationship between T'Challa and his sister Shuri it reminded me of my own relationship with brother. I loved T'Challa's interaction with the Dora Milaje, it was so satisfy seeing such strong badass black women. I also really loved T'Challa relationship with Nakia, usually the love interest in these types of movies is usually so desperate and unlikeable. But I thought, Lupita Nyong'o who played Nakia, acted so graceful and had her own wants and desires that were outside the realm of needing a man. Killmonger was one of the best Marvel villains ever, he had depth and legitimate reasons for a lot of his actions. I felt that were so many details to his character that spoke to the black American experience as a whole. I left the theater after watching Black Panther full of pride and happiness. Believe the hype and run don't walk to watch Black Panther now! #Wakandaforever 🙅🏿‍♀️

Makeup, Hair care, and Body Care

OGX Argan & Moroccon Oil | Sonia Kashuk Yellow Alluriana Eau de Toilette (Sold out | Similar Here) | L'Oreal Voluminous False Fiber Lashes | Milani Conceal + Perfect 2 in 1 | Secret Freshies On The Go | Lottabody Shape me Custard Gelee | Travalo


ASOS Curve High Waisted Leggings | ASOS Curve Split Side Hoodie | A New Day Cotton Cardigan in Navy

Ava & Viv Ribbed Sweater Dress
Sweater dresses have been my obsession this winter. I love pairing sweater dresses with tights and a pair of Vans or Converse. Plus sweater dresses making getting dresses in the morning easy and simple.

A New Day Zip Top Backpack
My backpack finding struggles have been real, I really wanted a backpack that I could carry to work everyday. This backpack from Target fits so much, I can fit my daily essentials plus more. Its become my daily driver, I need it in all the colors!

Vans Old Skool Sneakers
The fact that I've never had a pair of Vans is crazy. Since buying my Old Skool's Ive been wearing them almost everyday. I'm loving the comfort and that I can literally wear them with any outfit.

MICHAEL Michael Kos Zip-around Wallet
Loving this compact zip around wallet from Micheal Kors. It fits all my essential cards plus cash and coins. Great bang for the buck.


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