February 27, 2017

February Favorites

Makeup Favorites
I'm always looking for a great eyeliner and I've yet to perfect the perfect cat eye so I tend to like jumbo marker tips that allow me to have better control when I apply eyeliner. The Infallible Blackbuster is super black and glides on super easily, it has made the eye lining process so much more simpler for me.  

When ever I'm in a hurry or just feeling lazy I tend to reach for my NYX roll on shimmer eyeshadow. It's so simple to apply and it instantly looks like it took way more effort than it did. The roll on shimmers come in a variety of different colors, they are a quick and easy way to add a little glam to your makeup look. 

Taming my brows is a process I go through every single day, no matter if I'm doing a full face of makeup or just some concealer. The NYX eyebrow shaper is a wax pencil that's enriched with vitamin C. After I fill in and brush out my brows I use the waxy pencil to to help keep my brows in perfect shape. 

Fragrance, Skincare, & Haircare Favorites
I discovered Vince Camuto's Ciao towards the end of month, and I've loved it ever since. Ciao's top notes include tango mandarin, pink grapefruit and blackberry. With the mid notes consisting of rose, glowing amber and vanilla. Ciao is a very mature scent, it's not as fruity as I thought it would be after reading the description, the fragrance is super potent and last all day. 

Oil scrubs have become my new favorite type of facial exfoliates. Usually when I exfoliate with non-oil based scrubs my face is left smooth but also super dry. The oil scrub gives me the best of both worlds, after using the scrub my face is smooth but also super moisturized. 

The black vanilla range from Carol's Daughter is one of my favorites. I love that this edge control does a great job of smoothing and moisturizing my edges. It doesn't leave my hair crunchy or leave a white residue, it's a great edge control for the price. 

T.V. & Music Favorites
Legion is a new FX television show based on the Marvel Comics. If you are a fan of any of the Marvel comics you will love this show, the series recently premiered and is currently on episode 3.  

I'm super late to the game for this one, season 1 of True Detective premiered way back in 2014 to great critical acclaim. For the past couple of weeks I've taken the time to watch all of season 1 and was instantly hooked. Season 1 only has 8 episodes so its super binge-able with every episode making you want for more.  

Fenech-Soler is a English electro-pop band, their new album Killa is their third studio album. My favorite songs from the Killa are Conversation, On Top,  Night Time TV, and Kaleidoscope. 

Tinashe Fazakerley now known as Rationale is a British singer-songwriter. I randomly discovered him on my Discover Weekly playlist on Spotify and I instantly loved his music. His new EP Vessels was released in early February, I love every song from the EP, but the lead song Prodigal Son stands out as my absolute favorite if I had to pick. 

I've been a fan of Oddisee since his 2012 album, People Hear What They See, I used to listen to the song "Way In Way Out" on repeat for hours! His new album, The Iceberg, is his eleventh studio album, my favorite tracks from the album are Hold It Back, Digging Deep, Things, NNGE, Like Really, Rain Dance, and Rights & Wrongs. 

They is a R&B duo from LA, I discovered them when they were featured on the ZHU song, "Working For It", from ZHU's 2016 Generationwhy album. I immediately fell in love with their music and was excited when their new album Nu Religion: Hyena dropped towards the end of the month. I'm obsessed with the whole album by my absolute favorite songs are Africa, Deep End, Motley Crew, Dante's Creek and What You Want. 


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