March 9, 2012

Handbag Review: Zara Shopper Basket

I was at Zara when I spotted this bag, after looking at it for a while I decided against getting it. A couple days later I still had the bag on my mind so I went online to and bought the bag in the above brown color (it also comes in black). This bag has a different style from the other bags in my collection. On the exterior the bag is made of 100% polyurethane it features double handles with a detachable strap for easier carrying, and gold hardware with rounded stud detail near the handles. The exposed stitching detail that you see all over the bag and the shape of the bag makes it classic and timeless. The interior of the bag has a lining made of 50% jute and 50% cotton. There are two small interior side pockets and also one large interior side pocket with a "zarabasic" nameplate that can be lifted and zipped up for bag privacy/security. I will definitely be making more purchases of bags from Zara they are all trendy, functional, and chic!


  1. sorry for the really really late reply :) thanks for the love! i'm definitely gonna follow your blog and i would love a blog shout out :)

  2. this bag also comes in white nude colour

    and I fell in love with it

  3. Hey love! I love ur blog and this post on the Zara bag, Planing on ordering it tommrrow, Ok im also following ur blog now return the favor so u can see my post on the zara bag when I get it ;) ahhh im so excited for it and great review


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