February 26, 2018

My 2018 Oscar Predictions for the 90th Academy Awards

Its almost Oscar Sunday! Check my Academy Awards winner predictions below. 

Best Picture 
This years Best Picture race started off has a heated one but as award season has chugged on a clear front runner has come about. 

Will win: Three Billboards outside of Ebbing, Missouri -
 I'm not the biggest fan of this film, but its won all the awards, from the Golden Globe's to the BAFTA's. Its a shew in for best picture. 

Should win: The Shape of Water 

My pick: The Shape of Water
But...Call Me By Your Name has my heart.
*What if Get Out wins?!?*

Best Director 
 So happy that Greta Gerwig and Jordan Peele are both nominated! 

Will win: Guillermo Del Toro 

Should win: Jordan Peele or Greta Gerwig winning would be epic!

My pick: Guillermo Del Toro
Give the man his Oscar!

Best Actor 
Will win: Gary Oldman 

Should win: Gary Oldman
Oldman completely transforms into Churchill, its a sight to see!

My pick: Gary Oldman
(Dark horse pick: Daniel Kaluuya!)

Best Actress 
Will win: Frances McDormand

Should win: Sally Hawkins 

My pick: Sally Hawkins
 I loved Hawkins in this role.
*Honorable mention - Meryl Streep was amazing in The Post a truly transformative actress*

Best Supporting Actor 
Will win: Sam Rockwell 

Should win: Richard Jenkins 

My pick: Richard Jenkins
Loved Jenkins in Shape of Water he played his role with such passion and authenticity. 

Best Supporting Actress 
Will win: Allison Janney
 Janney has won all the awards she has been nominated for this awards season.
The Oscar is all but a guarantee for her.

Should win: Leslie Manville 

My pick: Allison Janney

Best Adapted Screenplay

Will win: Call Me By Your Name 

Should win: Mudbound 

My pick: Call Me My Your Name 
Mudbound should win but I love Call Me By Your Name so much!

Best Original Screenplay 
Will win: Get Out 

Should win: Get Out -
This movie deserve a Oscar if not for best picture or director, give it original screenplay. 

My pick: Get Out 

*Honorable mentions: Lady Bird and The Big Sick were both amazing stories*

Best Animated Feature 

Will win: Coco

Should win: Coco

My pick: Coco
Such an emotional and sweet movie.

Best Cinematography 
Will win: Blade Runner 2049

Should win: Blade Runner 2049

My pick: Blade Runner 2049
Loved this movie so much every frame was a feast for the eyes.
 If Roger Deakins doesn't get the win I'll riot in the streets!

Best Original Score 
Will win: The Shape of Water

Should win: The Shape of Water

My pick: The Shape of Water...but Phantom Thread and The Last Jedi have my heart.

Best Original Song

Will win: This Is Me 

Should win: Remember Me

My pick: Visions of Gideon from Call Me By Your Name
I'm obsessed with this song I so wish it was nominated.
*Honorable mention: Evermore from Beauty and The Beast*

More of my picks

Best Costume Design 
My pick: Phantom Thread, because duh! A movie about fashion has to win costume design. 

Best Makeup and Hairstyling 
My pick: Darkest Hour, because Gary Oldman spent three hours a day in the makeup chair to transform into Churchill. 

Best Film Editing
My pick: Dunkirk, this movie was an epic delight. 

Best Production Design 
My pick: The Shape of Water, the opening scene a amazing!

Best Sound Editing 
My pick: Dunkirk 

Best Sound Mixing 
My pick: Baby Driver, (Dunkirk could easily get this one over Baby Driver)

Best Visual Effects
My pick: War for the Plant of Apes (Blade Runner 2049 is a super close second)

Best Animated Short
My pick: Garden Party 

Best Documentary Short 
My pick: Edith+Eddie 

Best Live Action Short 
My pick: DeKalb Elementary 

Will you be watching the Oscars on Sunday? If so who are your winning picks? 


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