April 28, 2017

Denim Edit: My Favorite Denim Trends

I'm loving all the new denim trends for the year. In particular I really like the embellished, patchwork, and distressed denim looks. I decided to pick my favorite denim pieces that are great examples of the trends that I love. The categories of the trends range from gemstones, florals, bows, pearls, fringe, and so much more.

1. Topshop 
2. Zara 
5. Zara
6. Zara
7. Zara
8. Zara
9. Aviu


1. Topshop 
8. Eloquii


April 21, 2017

Spring Louis Vuitton Lust List

Louis Vuitton has slowly but surely become my favorite designer brand. I've always been obsessed with their classic pieces like the Speedy and Neverfull. LV currently has has some amazing bags that are just up my alley, here are ten of the bags that made my heart sing. 

I've always been in love with the Alma bags, the Alma BB is such a adorable bag. I love the beautiful combination of the turquoise and pink colors on the bag, its such a nice twist to a LV classic. I really like that the Capucines comes in a mini size, the smaller size makes an already elegant bag a lot more playful. I also really love that the color of this bag is called bubble gum 😊 how cute!

The Petite Malle is LV's homage to their trunk making heritage. The Malle is such a unique bag, this particular Malle is made of Epi leather and has bold silver hardware. I think its perfect for a night out or to make an otherwise plain outfit stand out. I'm obsessed with the color of this Lockme II BB, its such a beautiful shade of pink. The gorgeous palladium hardware and the LV twist closure adds a lot of edge. 

The Pallas Clutch looks like a great everyday bag. I really like the LV monogram with the beautiful pop of of pink. I like that the bag can be carried as a crossbody bag, a clutch, or carried over the shoulder. The Tote Miroir is made of beautiful patent leather it then has a pop of the LV monogram on the strap and bag handles, I think mix of styles make it a super unique LV piece. 

The Lockmeto has beautiful tassel's on the front and has LV's twist lock. The color is right up my alley and it looks like it can carry a lot. The LV Twist bags are my favorite new bag styles from LV, the Twist comes in so many different color combination, but I'm really loving this hot pink version with the pop of blue and light pink. There is nothing I don't like about this bag!
I love that this version of the Chain It Bag PM looks like its a denim bag, even though its actually Epi leather. The denim look of the bag makes it very spring to my, it adds a little casualness to an otherwise fancier bag. The Pochette Metis has been wildly popular with LV lovers. This new empreinte leather version gives you the best of both worlds from the style of the original canvas monogram bag and now with the luxuriousness of the beautiful monogram empreinte leather. 

April 17, 2017

Makeup Products On My Wishlist

I've never devoted a whole post to makeup on my blog before, but I wanted to compile a wishlist of some of the makeup products that are currently on my wishlist. My makeup game is subpar at best, but I really want to step it up with some new products that can hopefully help take my makeup game to another level. Check the list below.


April 14, 2017

My Current Favorites From Prada

Prada currently has my heart, I'm seriously loving all the new accessories that the brand has out now. For this post I picked some of the handbags and slg's from Prada that made my heart sing. Check my picks below!
I'm loving the black and pink color of the plex ribbon bag. The plexiglas clasp with the leather loop makes the bag super unique. 
The robot shoulder bag is such a different look for Prada, I really like the silver hardware and the blue color that screams statement piece. 
The bronze metal detail on the Cahier bag is so gorgeous, it seems like the perfect bag to take on a night out. 
The zig zag bag has such a pretty and unique design, I'm really loving the color palette on all the new Prada bags.  
The double bag is one of my favorite Prada bag styles. This new twist on the bag with the pretty multicolored details makes it so feminine. 
#watermelon 😜 This watermelon slice printed cardholder is such a cute way to carry your cards and money. 

I really like the whipstitch detail on the Prada Paradigmem, the bag style looks like the perfect everyday work bag. 

Cardholders are my favorite SLG's, I think they are a perfect entry piece into high end designer brands. The multiple colors and the zig zag print make it one of my favorites. 

This bag has plenty of pockets to carry all your daily essentials plus I'm loving the unique floral print on the bag.  

The Pionniere bag looks like the perfect adventure bag, I love the mustard and brown leather. 

I always loved the classic Prada Galleria bag, I really like this new take on the bag with the moon and star appliques, plus the color is glorious. 
The size and detachable shoulder strap on this baby pink Esplanade bag makes it a a great on the go bag. 


April 10, 2017

8 Spring Dresses For The Season

Dress season is in full effect, spring offers the first opportunity to bring your legs out of winter hibernation and let a little sun shine on them. I love wearing a beautiful dress that makes me feel super girly and pretty, in this post I picked 8 dresses that I think fit those two characteristics. I also paired  each dress with different accessories that add a extra pop to each look.  

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