April 14, 2017

My Current Favorites From Prada

Prada currently has my heart, I'm seriously loving all the new accessories that the brand has out now. For this post I picked some of the handbags and slg's from Prada that made my heart sing. Check my picks below!
I'm loving the black and pink color of the plex ribbon bag. The plexiglas clasp with the leather loop makes the bag super unique. 
The robot shoulder bag is such a different look for Prada, I really like the silver hardware and the blue color that screams statement piece. 
The bronze metal detail on the Cahier bag is so gorgeous, it seems like the perfect bag to take on a night out. 
The zig zag bag has such a pretty and unique design, I'm really loving the color palette on all the new Prada bags.  
The double bag is one of my favorite Prada bag styles. This new twist on the bag with the pretty multicolored details makes it so feminine. 
#watermelon 😜 This watermelon slice printed cardholder is such a cute way to carry your cards and money. 

I really like the whipstitch detail on the Prada Paradigmem, the bag style looks like the perfect everyday work bag. 

Cardholders are my favorite SLG's, I think they are a perfect entry piece into high end designer brands. The multiple colors and the zig zag print make it one of my favorites. 

This bag has plenty of pockets to carry all your daily essentials plus I'm loving the unique floral print on the bag.  

The Pionniere bag looks like the perfect adventure bag, I love the mustard and brown leather. 

I always loved the classic Prada Galleria bag, I really like this new take on the bag with the moon and star appliques, plus the color is glorious. 
The size and detachable shoulder strap on this baby pink Esplanade bag makes it a a great on the go bag. 


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