September 15, 2017

Fall Decor Pieces That I'm Currently Loving

Fall is in the air! To prep for the season change thats a week away I picked some fall decor pieces that I'm currently loving.  I love decorating for the seasons and holidays, for me fall marks the start of my favorite time of the year.   

I love to have a new wreath to decorate my door whenever season changes. For fall I liking wreaths that feature twigs, pumpkins, leaves and colors of fall. These fall wreaths are super cute and festive. 
1. Pink Pumpkin Wreath  | 2. Barley Wreath | 3. Chinese Lantern Wreath | 4. Harvest Moon Wreath  | 5. Twig Wreath 

I think throw pillows are the best and easiest way to switch up your decor for the fall. The hello fall pillow looks so cuddly, the basket weave pillow screams fall, the pumpkin anything pillow is right up my alley, I love color of the faux fur heart pillow, and the golden pumpkin pillow is super cute. 

Pumpkins are the perfect decor for the fall season, I literally want pumpkins in every corner of my house. I love pumpkins that have a little different twist to them than the traditional orange pumpkin. 
1. Glass Candle | 2. Ceramic Candle Pumpkin | 3. White & Gold Pumpkin | 4. Glass Lantern Pumpkin | 5. Sequin Pumpkin

I had to include these five random fall pieces that I have to have. The marble owl would look so good on a kitchen counter, the Autumn days bucket would be great for storing your fall essentials. The happy fall marble sign would be cute on a fireplace mantle. The nest pumpkin candle will make any room smell like fall. I'm loving these leaf shaped plates, they are great for serving holiday treats. 
1. Marble Owl | 2. Autumn Days Bucket | 3. Happy Fall Marble Sign | 4. Pumpkin Chai Candle  | 5. Leaf Plates 


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