July 31, 2017

July Favorites

Makeup & Skincare

ELF Cosmetics Lip Stain Berry Blush | Nude Nectar
I've been really liking lip stains lately I'm not the biggest lipstick wearer, so being able to have come color on my lips without the fussiness of lipstick is great for me. These lip stains are super inexpensive (under $2) and have decent color payoff. They are a bit drying on the lips, but I like to add lipgloss or lip balm on top to add some moisture.

Vaseline Cocoa Radient Body Gel Oil
When I came across this lotion while on my weekly shop I had to buy it. I'm a sucker for any skincare products that have oil's in them. I'm really loving this gel oil from Vaseline I love using it right after I get out of the shower when my body is still damp and warm from a hot water. The oil leaves my skin soft and shiny.

Simple Micellar Gel Wash
I love Simple products, they are always gentle on my skin and always leave my skin feeling good. A little goes a long way with this gel wash cleanser. I like to cleanse my face in the morning and the evening, I use a small dime sized amount to cleanse my whole face. It leaves my face feeling clean and moisturized.

Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleansing Cloths
Last month I started using Cetaphil products again. When I was in highschool all I used were Cetaphil products. The moisturizer that I bought last month has been working great for me. So I was really excited to use the cleansing cloths for removing my makeup. I love that the cleansing cloths are great for sensitive skin and do a good job of removing all of my makeup after a long day. 


DV Raven Woven Pointed Toe Flats
I'm always looking for sandals that are good for work. I need them to be comfortable but also appropriate to wear in an office environment, these flats hit both those requirements. I was able to sang these flats on clearance and I'm hoping to get them in more colors if I can. *crosses fingers*

Who What Wear Lace Hem Bardot Top
I'm loving the bardot top trend, they are easy to wear and automatically make you look super summery and stylish, plus showing a bit of shoulder is always sexy.

Ava & Viv Boyfriend Chinos
I've been enjoying these super comfy boyfriend chinos from Target. I love the color and fit of them, they can be basically be worn with any top. I wish they had them need in more colors!

Movies, Music, & Televison 

The Beguiled
During the July 4th weekend I went to see The Beguiled directed by the amazing Sophia Coppola. I didn't know much about the movie but I was super excited about the cast. The movie stars Nicole Kidman, Colin Farrell, Kristen Durst, and Elle Fanning. The movie takes place during the Civil War were a injured Union solider ends up at a all female boarding school  run by Nicole Kidman's character. As you can guess a sole man stuck in a all female environment leads to all types of tensions and drama. The Beguiled is a beautifully shot movie that speaks volumes on what happens when women work against each other and when they work together.

Christopher Nolan is back with a epic WW2 movie about the battle at Dunkirk. I had the amazing opportunity to watch this movie in IMAX 70mm and was not disappointed. The movie was a sight to behold, it kept me at the edge of my seat and constantly engaged. Not a minute went by were I was not paying attention  to this anxiety provoking movie. Dunkirk had a true ensamble cast, with each actor doing a great job creating the sense of urgency and fear that surrounded these brave men. Watch Dunkirk on the biggest screen you can you'll leave the theater in a daze of wonder. 

Rationale - Loving Life 
I'm loving Rationale's new single from his upcoming album thats up for release later this year. Every time Rationale has a new song, I always add it to my favorites. The same can be said for, Loving Life the song features Rationale's amazing vocal range and his unique mix of sounds. I can hardly wait for the new album.

Daley - The Spectrum
Daley is back with his sophomore studio album, The Spectrum. I've been looking forward to this album for months now and have been obsessing over it since its release. Daley is a British recording artist and songwriter, his debut album Days & Nights from 2014 was my favorite album of that year. The Spectrum is full of Daley's amazing soulful vocals. I love the whole album, but my absolute favorites are Selfish, Distance, Second To None, and The Only One.

I first heard of Glow from one of the many podcast I listen to. The gorgeous women of wrestling or Glow, revolves around a group of women in the 80's working to create a women's professional wrestling circuit. The show has ten episodes that are 30 minutes a piece. Its an easy five hour binge that will leave you wanting for more. Watch season 1 of Glow on Netflix.

I literally started watching Ozark this past weekend and I've been immediately hooked. I had to include this show in my favorites for this month because I've been seriously obsessed. Jason Bateman and Laura Linney star in this suspenseful drama about a finical planner who launders money for the cartel and has to suddenly relocate to the Missouri Ozark's. The show will have you glued to the screen anticipating what horrible thing that will happen next. Watch season 1 of Ozark on Netflix.


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