September 5, 2018

My July and August Favorites

Check my favorites for the months of July and August below ↓

Hair Care and Skin Care
Salon Pro Sheen Spray Brazilian Keratin Oil - Loving how well this sheen spray moisturizes my hair, this spray is usually meant to be used when your rocking braids but I've been using it for my natural hair underneath my hair extensions. The spray smells so good and has become a permanent product in my hair care routine. 

EOS Pomegranate Raspberry Ultra Moisturizing Shave Cream - Loving the smell of this EOS shave cream, its made shaving my legs (a task I hate) so much more enjoyable. 

TRESemmé Extra Hold Mousse - The extra hold mousse from Tresemme has incredible hold, whenever I need my curls to last all day this is my go to product.  

Nairobi Foaming Lotion - Another mousse like product I've been loving is the Nairobi wrap-it shine foaming lotion. This product has been perfect to smooth down my edges and any flyway's I have. 

L'Oreal Lumi Highlighter - Loving how simple to use this liquid highlighter is, just squirt a little bit of product on the back of your hand or makeup brush and highlight away. 

Gorgon City - Escape - I first fell in love with Gorgon City from their 2014 album, Sirens. Till this day Sirens is an album that I can have playing all day long. Anytime Gorgon City has a new album I'm super excited to listen to their new music. The new album has 12 pulsing, sultry, and soulful tracks with amazing feature artist that all make the classic Gorgon City sound that I love. My favorite songs are Real Life, Go Deep, Overdose, and All Four Walls.  

Robyn - Missing U - After years of waiting, Robyn is finally back with a brand new single, Missing U. In a interview with NPR Robyn commented that her new song was "a little bit of a message to my fans, that I've missed them". The feeling is mutual for me, I've really missed Robyn, her 2010 album Body Talk, was a major highlight for me when it was first released. I'm crossing my fingers that we get a new album soon. 

Troye Sivan - Bloom - Troye Sivan is back with his second studio album and I could not be happier! I was obsessed with the title track of this album for the longest time, its so nice to finally have the full album and bask in the splendor that is Troye Sivan. I love the mix of the classic Sivan ballads with danceable pop songs that will have you humming the lyrics all day. My absolute favorite songs from the album are Bloom, My, My, My!, Postcard, and Lucky Strike. 

Sohn - Tremors -  Sohn, is an English singer, songwriter, and record producer. Tremors is his debut album that was released back in 2014. I discovered Sohn while watching a episode of The Innocents on Netflix. The opening scene of the episode was edited to the song "The Wheel" the second track in Tremors. I instantly fell in love with the song and then the album, Sohn has such a unique take on music and a amazing voice that all make my heart sing. 

Romans - Glitter and Gold - I looooovvveee Romans! Glitter and Gold is a single off his upcoming album, People. 

Why Don't We - 8 Letters - Why Don't We is an American pop boy band, that was assembled in  2016. I'm not the typical boy band fan, but Why Don't We have my heart. Their catchy pop songs and soulful ballads have made me a big fan of this group of young men. I literally love every song from the album and I'm looking forward to what ever they have next. 


Movies and Television
BlacKkKlasman - A must see movie, especially in the political times we are living in. Spike Lee does not hold back any punches in this surprisingly funny yet thought provoking film. 

The Innocents - Obsessed with this Netflix original about a teenagers Harry and June who are in love with each other and decide to run away so they can be together. But their journey is soon derailed when June discovers she has the ability to shape-shift. I loved how intense, immersive, and binge-able  this show was. The Innocents is so beautiful to look at, whoever did the location scouting for this show deserves a raise. The music was incredible and all of the actors had opportunities to flex their acting abilities.  

Mission Impossible Fallout - An intense thrill ride that will leave your wondering how Tom Cruise continues to be so great. 

Christopher Robin - If your a Winnie The Pooh lover, Christoper Robin will make you smile, laugh, and cry all at the same time. Ewan McGregor stars as Christoper Robin, he plays this role with incredible zeal and authenticity. The film will pull you deep into Pooh's world that you won't want to leave.  

The Band Wagon (1953) - I've been loving musicals directed by the late great Vincente Minnelli. The Band Wagon is any incredible American musical-comedy film starring Fred Astaire and Cyd Charisse. It tells the story of an aging musical star, Astaire, who hopes a Broadway show will restart his career. The music, dancing, set design, and costumes of this spectacular musical  leaves you in awe and wonder at the magic that Minnelli has put on screen. 

A Star is Born (1954) - In preparation for the remake of this movie in October, starring Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga. I wanted to watch what is considered the best version of this film that seems like its always being remade. The 1954 version stars James Mason and legend Judy Garland. Mason plays Hollywood actor Norman Maineis whose star is on the wane, but when he meets aspiring actress Esther Blodgett, played by Garland, he is inspired to help her. For a movie made in the 1950's, A Star is Born is incredibly honest about the toll's jealousy, fame, and alcoholism can have on people. Mason and Garland are amazing in their role's and make this musical epic a must see. 


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