August 1, 2018

Brand Alert: My Favorites From Staud

Staud was founded in downtown Los Angeles in 2015 by Sarah Staudinger and partner George Augusto. The vintage-inspired women’s clothing brand offers a chic, clean and classic design aesthetic. Staud's mission is to bring made-to-order clothing and accessories to a wider audience. For Staud's clothing, you can choose from a selection of standard silhouettes and then customize certain aspects to suit your taste and shape. I find this business concept so unique, plus add the affordable price points, and Staud is a home run for me. As a handbag lover I'm always looking for new brands that offer refreshing takes on a item that I carry everyday. For this wishlist I picked eight bags from Staud's collection that made my heart sing. I love the boldness of the Minnow and Britt bags. As a bucket bag fan the Vitti, Bissett, and Moreau bag are perfect examples of how practical the bucket bag style is. Finally the Shirley bag incorporates the trendy translucent silhouette while adding their own flair  and a sense of bag privacy with the bag in a bag design.

1. Moreau Bucket Bag | 2. Minnow Bag | 3. Vitti Bag | 4. Bissett Bag (Petal & Green) | 
5. Bissett Bag (Striped)  | 6. Shirley Bag  | 7. Grace Bag | 8. Britt Bag 


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