August 25, 2017

My Hair Care Routine

Finding products to take care of your hair can be difficult, it has taken a lot of trial and error to find products that do exactly what I need. I wear a full head of extensions with some of my hair left out for a side part, at the moment I'm rocking the Brazilian body wave in 18' 20' & 22' from Her Hair Company. I wash and condition my extensions and natural hair with the Tresemme moisture rich shampoo and conditioner. Completely drying my scalp is really important to me, having my scalp dry helps me moisturize better and prevent itchiness. After spraying some Tresemme heat tamer I either use my Revlon blow dryer with the Hairflair softhood dryer attachment or the Conair bonnet hood dryer, it honestly just depends on my mood. After drying my hair completely I use the Design Essentials tonic to moisturize my scalp under my extensions and the Palmers coconut oil to moisturize my hair thats left out. I love to have big bouncy curls, to achieve this look with no heat I use the Motions styling lotion with the Goody flexi rods. I usually roll my hair at night and in the morning I remove the rods and use my Wigo paddle brush to lightly brush my curls out. To smooth out the edges of my hair that's left out I use the Carol's Daughter black vanilla edge control. I do this full wash routine once a week, I use the scalp tonic every day, and I curl my hair with the flexi rods at least twice a week. 


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