June 2, 2017

May Favorites

Makeup & Skincare Favorites

The Pixi double cleaner has made cleansing my face so much easier. I love that on one side you have the solid cleansing oil that helps break down your makeup. Then on the other side you you have the cleansing cream that not only cleans your face further but also adds a little moisture back into your skin. 

I never thought eyeshadow primer was something that I needed, but after using this eyeshadow primer from NYX, my opinion has definitely changed. The primer allows for your eyeshadow to better stick to your lids and makes it last longer through out the day. 

When I first saw this product, I was super intrigued by the included scrublet. A little goes a long way with this cleanser and the silicon like scrublet allows you to lightly exfoliate your face with each use, leaving my face since and smooth.    

F21 Lip Balm & Glosses: Panda | Unicorn | Pineapple | Monkey 
I love cute beauty products, the panda, monkey, and unicorn are lip balms and the pineapple is a lip gloss. All of them are so cute!

I literally bought these hand wipes because of the packaging, I love the unicorns, rainbows, stars and hearts that are all over it.  

It's Skin Sheet Mask:  Bamboo | Avocado
The It's Skin sheet mask are really good sheet mask, after using the mask my face was left moisturized and soft, of the two my favorite is the Avocado. 

Music, Movies, & Television Favorites

I had The Leftovers in my April favorites and I wrote how obsessed I was with this show. For the month of May nothing has changed, I still think The Leftovers is the best show on television right now. This Sunday, June 4th, is the final episode of The Leftovers. I am excited and nervous to see how it ends, but the episodes that have lead up to this finale have all been amazing. You can watch all 3 seasons of The Leftover's on HBO. 

I really liked the first Guardians of The Galaxy movie, it was super funny and I really liked seeing a different part of the Marvel universe. I had high hopes for Vol. 2 and I was not disappointed at all. Vol. 2 was a whirl wind of a ride, I thought the movie was laugh out loud funny and baby Groot stole my heart.  

The Leftovers on HBO is my favorite TV show right now, so when this song by Ray LaMontagne played during the opening credits of episode 4, I instantly fell in love. Ray LaMontagne has such distinctive voice and mesmerizing voice. I've been listening to this song on repeat ever since that episode of The Leftovers, I'm definitely adding it to one of my favorite songs ever. 

Marsha Ambrosius is back with a new single "Luh Ya", a song that she dedicated to her new baby girl. I've loved Marsha since her Floetry days and I'm so happy that she's back to making music. 

I randomly discovered Sabrina Claudio on Spotify a couple of weeks ago and was instantly hooked to her song "Unravel Me". I love her soulful and smooth voice, she is such an amazing singer! I'v also been falling in love with her new EP Confidently Lost, my favorites songs from the EP are Orion's Belt, Too Much Too Late and Runnin' Thru Lovers. 


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